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Soarin Travel can assist in planning a variety of group travel itineraries from family reunions, school fundraisers, weddings, and birthdays. We will help you navigate and find the perfect vacation that everyone will enjoy & fits within their budgets!

See below for our free group travel planning checklist.

How To Plan A Group Vacation?

  1. Who will be the group's point of contact/ decision maker? This person will be responsible for maintaining communication, payment plans, and the itinerary f0r the group and will be the main person speaking with our travel advisors. 
  2. Travel Dates and if this is flexible
  3.  Travel Destination
  4. Number of guests. Please include ages and if any special accommodations need to be made.
  5. Create a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet should include all of the group's individuals contact Information, Pictures of Passport and/or Driver’s License (depending on travel destination), billing address, phone number, & email address. 
  6. Budget. Please specify if it's the overall budget or per person.
  7. Interests & Must Do's while on this trip.
  8. Will you need flights included in the estimate? Any airline or seat preferences? What is your departure airport?
  9. Any lodging preferences? i.e all inclusive, spa on site, walking distance to attractions, or only 5 star hotels.
  10. Trip Insurance. Soarin Travel highly recommends trip insurance. There are a variety of coverage options to choose from depending on your priorities which your travel advisor will go over with you. 

Soarin will contact the group to inform and educate everyone about trip and next steps after initial consultation with Group Contact/Decision Maker is complete. Decision maker is responsible for sending all to Soarin before initial consultation for most accurate pricing.

Don't forget our services as your travel agent are 100% complementary. You will not find a better group package anywhere else! Receive a FREE quote today! Email for more information. 

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